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The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial consultation at the age of 7-8 years old. At this stage of development, the permanent incisors and first adult molars have usually emerged. Although many primary teeth are still present, the orthodontist is able to evaluate your child’s malocclusion (mispositioning of the teeth). It might be recommended to start an interceptive treatment or rather to observe and re-evaluate in the future. An attentive follow-up of the growth and dentofacial development of your child is the best method to foresee the most appropriate course of action and timing of orthodontic care to come.

Recommended treatment

Preventive treatment


Adolescence is the most customary time for orthodontic care, and for good reason.

At the approach of adolescence, most of the adult teeth have come in, the crowded teeth, the gaps and malocclusions (malposition of teeth, jaw relationship and bad bite…) are easily observed. This is the time the majority of patients and parents choose to start an orthodontic correction. The positive influence of friends, classmates and peers at this age greatly facilitates and enhances the process and experience.

The pubertal growth spurt in teenagers plays a significant role in certain treatments. The orthodontist may take advantage of this growth spurt to harmonize the jaw relationship, and the bite of your teeth. It is commonly the most indicated time for comprehensive orthodontic care.

Recommended treatments

Invisalign® treatment
Comprehensive treatment


Orthodontic care may be initiated at all ages, when the gums and the bone supporting the teeth are healthy. Adults can definitely benefit from a functional, stable bite and an esthetically pleasing, healthy smile. At the initial consultation, Doctor Fortier will determine the best care for your needs. During this first examination visit, we can establish your custom treatment plan, the estimated time required to achieve the best results and the fees for the proposed options.

Many possibilities are particularly convenient for adult patients. These include esthetic ceramic braces and clear, transparent appliances (Invisalign®).

An orthodontic treatment undertaken as an adult can considerably enhance your appearance, self esteem, and overall dental health.

Recommended treatments

Invisalign® treatment
Comprehensive treatment
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