About us

First visit

Welcome to our clinic. We are aware that this meeting is important to you. The consultation typically lasts from 30 to 50 minutes, and allows you to discuss your expectations and concerns with the orthodontist, ensuring Doctors Fortier and Bourassa’s  recommendations respond to your needs.

Following a clinical exam of the dentition and facial features, Doctors Fortier and Bourassa will go over the diagnosis and their recommendation. If a treatment is needed, the details of the steps and appliances required will be explained. These recommendations aim to prevent problems, to intercept problems or to correct conditions already present.

During the consultation, you will find answers to the following question:

  • When is the ideal time to start treatment?
  • What options are available?
  • How long the treatment will take?
  • What are the fees for the recommended care?

A report of your visit with the copy of any radiograph taken will also be forwarded to your family dentist.

We look forward to greeting you at our office soon!